About Mobildunya

Established in 1999 by Direnç Sakarya and Umut Erhan with the purpose of developing medical content, TIPCHI Creativity Group, after successfully completing many graphic web site projects, found an interest in mobile technologies. In 2000, teaming under Timtel A.Ş, the team has started developing mobile applications for PalmOS based devices, and in the same year has established Palmedikal.com portal to help create Turkish Mobile Medical content.

With the increasing need for information on mobile technologies, Mobildunya.com, established in 2001, started reviewing PalmOS related hardware and software and has led to Mobildünya A.Ş, a company specializing on this subject solely in 2002. At first the web portal, using php nuke framework, featured many mobile product reviews, before switching to a framework exclusive to Mobildunya.com and becoming one of the most successful technology sites in Turkey. Mobildunya.com has succeeded in reaching users all around the world with their PalmOS based software products.

Until Mobildünya A.Ş’s demise in 2007 they have developed an online mobile technologies store, Mobilalisveris.com for the purposes of sales and after sales services of mobile products, which reached a wide audience all around Turkey and succeeded in selling quality products and services.

In 2009, our website was re-opened with contributions from Burak Sepici, one of the first editors of Mobildünya, and after gathering the core team towards the end of 2011 Mobildunya.com is back with current news and reviews with the goal of reclaiming its title as a key player in mobile technologies and the top mobile technologies portal in Turkey.

You can see a glimpse of our history by viewing the screenshots of our previous sites under our Facebook page.