HP’den Bir Tam-performans, bir de Daha Uygun Fiyatlı İnce Notebook Salı 15 Eylül, 2009

Bugün pek çok güzel model ile birlikte HP, iki tane de ince ve hayli taşınabilir notebook PC döktü ortaya. Pavillion dm3 yüksek performanslı ve Intel’in güncel Core2Duo ya da AMD’nin Neo Dual Core işlemcileri ile bezenmiş, 2.5cm’den ince bir silüete sahip, yalnızca 1.9kg ağırlığında bir seri. ProBook 5310m ise Pavillion dm3′e göre biraz daha uygun […]

HP Pavillipn dm3

HP Pavillipn dm3

Bugün pek çok güzel model ile birlikte HP, iki tane de ince ve hayli taşınabilir notebook PC döktü ortaya. Pavillion dm3 yüksek performanslı ve Intel’in güncel Core2Duo ya da AMD’nin Neo Dual Core işlemcileri ile bezenmiş, 2.5cm’den ince bir silüete sahip, yalnızca 1.9kg ağırlığında bir seri.

ProBook 5310m ise Pavillion dm3′e göre biraz daha uygun fiyatlı bir model olmakla birlikte Intel’in Core2Duo SP9300 CPU’sunu taşıyor ve tam 7 saatlik pil ömrü ile ön plana çıkıyor.

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HP Introduces World’s Thinnest Full-performance Notebook and Slim, Stylish Consumer Notebook

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 15, 2009

HP today introduced the world’s thinnest full-performance notebook PC(1)as well as a slim, stylish consumer notebook that delivers an optimal balance of mobility, performance and affordability.

The thin and light notebook market represents a significant growth opportunity over the next several years, according to IDC. Over the next five years, this category is forecast to grow three times faster than the overall notebook market in the United States, which is a trend that is expected to spread worldwide.(2) The new HP ProBook 5310m and HP Pavilion dm3 expand the market for the category, an area HP pioneered earlier this year with the introduction of the affordable HP Pavilion dv2.

Designed for mobile professionals, the HP ProBook 5310m, the world’s thinnest full-performance notebook, is a 0.9-inch thin, 3.7 pound(3) notebook sporting a 13.3-inch diagonal LED high-definition(4) (HD) display and a standard voltage processor for maximum productivity. It combines durable, black anodized aluminum with a magnesium frame wrapped in soft-touch paint that impresses not only with its sophisticated design at an affordable price, but with outstanding performance in a thin and sleek notebook.

The HP Pavilion dm3 provides consumers the ultimate balance of mobility and performance in an affordable, all metal, thin and light design. With up to 10 hours of battery life via the standard six-cell battery,(5) the notebook provides all-day battery life and rich entertainment capabilities without sacrificing performance. The dm3 boasts an HD(4) BrightView 13.3-inch diagonal LED screen and choice of AMD or Intel processors and discrete graphics to meet the multimedia needs of demanding consumers.

“Striking designs, impressive product features, outstanding value and a focus on computing performance add up to a mobile experience second to none,” said Ted Clark, senior vice president and general manager, Notebook Global Business Unit, Personal Systems Group, HP. “These new notebooks further validate our position as an undisputed leader in notebook design and raise the bar for the entire thin and light category.”

HP ProBook 5310m – thin, powerful, and affordable

With the HP ProBook 5310m, mobile professionals no longer need to sacrifice performance to achieve great battery life. HP offers the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo SP9300(6) processor that provides all the power a user would expect with a full-performance PC, while still delivering up to seven hours of battery life(5) with the standard lithium-polymer battery. An optional six-cell battery, expected to be available later this year, will further increase battery run time.

The HP ProBook 5310m is also flexible enough to scale down to meet the needs of customers who don’t require a full-performance standard voltage notebook. When equipped with an Intel Celeron® dual-core, ultra-low-voltage processor, the HP ProBook 5310m is an affordable step up from companion or netbook devices. It is ideal for computing tasks such as email, calendar and office applications, and it provides the ability to view HD content, consume and create content, and access the Internet.

HP QuickWeb allows users to access the web in seconds when the notebook is shut down. The application resides outside the notebook’s operating system, so there is no need to wait for the computer to boot up, users can simply push the dedicated button. In less than 20 seconds, users have a secure connection to the Internet and can access websites and content normally obtained through a standard browser.(7) Additionally, HP QuickLook3 allows users to look up and respond to email, calendar and contacts without having to boot the notebook.(7)

Integrated HP Mobile Broadband powered by Gobi(8) allows users to conveniently access the Internet, company intranet, email, and mission-critical information in more places than ever before. The new HP Connection Manager 3.0 simplifies and automates connecting users with their preferred network.

HP also is committed to the environment and to eliminating all uses of brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in its products by 2011.(9) The HP ProBook 5310m Notebook PC offers a BFR/PVC-free configuration.(10)

HP Pavilion dm3 – top performance with maximum flexibility

Designed to provide maximum flexibility to mobile users, the HP Pavilion dm3 comes with a choice of processors, including the latest Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Neo Dual Core processors.(11) It also offers consumers a choice of Intel shared, ATI or NVIDIA discrete graphics.

When configured with the AMD Neo and ATI combination, the HP Pavilion dm3 offers PowerXpress, which provides performance graphics when plugged in and switches to shared graphics when unplugged for superb battery life.

Preloaded with HP MediaSmart software, the dm3 makes managing and enjoying digital music, Internet TV, videos, photos and other content fast and easy. New dedicated function keys allow for quick access to media controls, while high-speed hard drive options up to 500 gigabytes (GB) provide ample room for media and documents.(12)

At less than one-inch thin and weighing only 4.2 pounds, the Pavilion dm3 features a lightweight, brushed aluminum chassis in sophisticated Modern Argento gray that makes it easy for consumers to carry virtually anywhere.

In addition, the HP Pavilion dm3 supports optional built-in WWAN for wireless connectivity(8) anywhere a cell phone works and includes a low-light VGA HP Webcam and microphone for staying in touch with friends and family. Lightweight external optical disc drives, including a Blu-ray(13) option, are available.

HP also announced the new HP Envy sub-brand, including a premium thin and light notebook, the HP Envy 13. Additional information on HP Envy will be available the morning of Sept. 15 at www.hp.com/go/ENVY.

Plug-and-compute tools

To meet the needs of increasingly mobile customers, HP has introduced the HP CalcPad 100 and CalcPad. These “plug and compute” accessories are designed to add desktop features to notebook PCs, offering performance and convenience for on-the-go business professionals and college students.

HP CalcPads serve as an extended keyboard number pad or calculator, featuring quick-launch keys for one-touch access to Microsoft® Word or Excel or HP Calculator software, which enables mobile professionals to directly input their calculations seamlessly from CalcPad to notebook. Two built-in USB 2.0 ports allow users to leverage the CalcPad as a USB hub for added peripherals without the additional hardware or cables. The HP CalcPad 100 also can use the USB connectivity to the notebook as a power source.

Pricing and availability(14)

The HP ProBook 5310m starts at $699 with an Intel Celeron dual core and $899 with Intel Core 2 Duo and is available immediately in the Asia-Pacific region with the Microsoft Vista® operating system. The notebook is expected to be available for delivery in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region on Oct. 22 with the Microsoft Windows® 7 operating system.(15)

The HP Pavilion dm3 starts at $549 with an AMD processor and $649 with an Intel processor and is expected to be available for delivery worldwide starting Oct. 22 with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. (16)

More information on HP ProBook 5310m, HP Pavilion dm3 and HP Envy13, including product specifications, images and other HP mobility solutions is available in an online press kit at www.hp.com/personal.

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